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Personalised And Professional Management


Strata Connect can provide your Owners Corporation with a comprehensive list of management, financial and legal services. We operate an in-house after hours emergency service for repairs to common property to ensure you get the assistance you need as you need it.


At Strata Connect we are proud to offer our service guarantee.  This is the core of our business which has been the key to our success over the years.  We are confident that we can offer the level of service that our clients demand…and yes, we are prepared to back that up.


Strata Connect can assist developers by taking the stress out of establishing the Owners Corporation.  We understand the range of issues developers are confronted with so can offer advice on your duties and obligations, as well as engage the relevant contractors.



Strata Connect brings a fresh approach to Owners Corporation management in Melbourne. Our commitment to personalised service and professionalism is the cornerstone of our operations.

Strata Connect specialises in managing both residential and commercial Strata, Stratum and Company Share common property. Strata Connect does not deal with property sales or rentals – our time is spent focusing on effective management of Owners Corporations (previously known as Body Corporates).

We look forward to discussing the needs of your Owners Corporation and how you can benefit from the comprehensive list of services we offer.