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Strata Connect is an Owners Corporation management business that provides a full range of professional services, including a 24 hour emergency service. Over the years we have helped many Owners Corporations across Melbourne establish consistent and efficient management of their property. Our continued success is based on our personalised service with a hands-on approach.

Strata Connect specialises in managing both residential and commercial Strata, Stratum and Company Share properties. Our experience includes Owners Corporations of various types and sizes (from small to 100+ lots) so we can work closely with you and the Committee to establish the best approach for your Owners Corporation.

We ensure that the Owners Corporation knowledge held within the company and by our partners is kept up-to-date and valid as legislation and industry trends change.

Strata Connect is also a current member of Strata Community Australia.

The team is led by company directors Mari and David. Along with their property management experience, both Mari and David have had extensive experience working with customers in project and business management roles. However it has been their passion for the local property sector which led them to commence Strata Connect. They felt there was a genuine way they could use their skills and experience to meet the growing need for professional and quality Owners Corporation management in Melbourne.

The team is made up of several support functions which are all led by experienced specialists and provide day to day support to the Property Managers:

  • On-site Maintenance
  • Insurance Broker
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Administration

We adopt an honest and personal approach to the management of your property which is based on respect for your asset. We guarantee to provide:

  • A superior level of communication;
  • Consistency in staff;
  • Attention to detail, as it is often the little things that matter;
  • A proactive management approach to your asset, and

  • Personalised service, because our team enjoys what they do and they take pride in their job. Their work is recognised and rewarded which means a happier, stable team dedicated to support you.

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