Strata Connect commenced with us last year and since then, we have got more done in the last year than we did in the three previous years. They have been incredibly efficient in their response to our Owners Corporation requirements.

The Strata Connect Service Commitment

At Strata Connect we guarantee to provide:

  • A superior level of communication;
  • Consistency in staff;
  • Attention to detail, as it is often the little things that matter;
  • A proactive management approach to your asset; and
  • A personalised and professional service.

We look forward to discussing the requirements of your Owners Corporation and how our commitment can work for you.

Some of the additional benefits that Strata Connect can bring your Owners Corporation include:

  • Personalised management of your Owners Corporation with timely responses;
  • Regular interaction with a Property Manager to ensure your complex is properly maintained and rules are enforced;
  • Timely and cost effective repairs and maintenance;
  • 24 hour emergency service for repairs;
  • Maintaining the most appropriate and cost effective insurance cover, as well as the timley handling of all claims;
  • A personalised and professional service;
  • A source of Owners Corporation advice for members, agents, tenants and Solicitors;
  • Ensuring that your Owners Corporation adheres to all OH&S audits and Essential Services legislation;
  • An Owners Corporation Manager who proactively provides solutions to concerns; and
  • Very competitive management fees.
  • Reports that are clear and easy to understand;
  • Operating separate bank accounts for each Owners Corporation;
  • End to end management of the invoicing and collection of all levies;
  • Prompt payment of monthly accounts and invoices;
  • Provide for direct Electronic Funds Transfer facilities; and
  • Timely and accurate management of budgets, financial statements and all statutory requirements.
Developer Services
Strata Connect can assist developers by taking the stress out of establishing the Owners Corporation. This may include any or all of the following services:

  • Advising you of your duties and obligations under the Owners Corporation Act 2006;
  • Setting up the Owners Corporation, including insurances, budgets, waste management plans, rules, meetings and certificates; and
  • Engage all relevant service contractors, e.g. building security, fire monitoring, cleaning contracts, lift maintenance, electrical.